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Aim high and display your grit by #runningwiththetroops! Complete the Armed Forces Series Challenge and earn a coveted series medal. Are you ready to be all you can be?

Complete each of the following tasks and become one of the few, the proud, the mighty:

The dates reflected above are for 2024. You can choose to accomplish the entire operation all in one year or take multiple years. The length of this operation is up to you, but all events must be completed in-person and you must run the marathon distance for Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps and the 10-mile distance for Space Force and Army. You will register for each mission through the individual race entry platforms. Just be sure to check in occasionally to ensure your verified results were uploaded. (The individual events will have the results uploaded into the portal. There is nothing for you to do.)

You will be awarded the operation’s exclusive medal upon completion of the last mission.

Sign your intent starting on January 2, 2024.

Then register for each mission on the year you are prepared through the individual race entry platforms.

Stay ready and rise above!

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